Our Know How...

In addition to installing, planning, governance and user engagement, together with our partners we can also help with:-


  • Platform Administration 

  • Search Configuration

  • Managed metadata (What it i and how to use it!)

  • Office 365 SharePoint Collaboration

  • What to use when? (Teams, Groups, Planner, OneDrive, SharePoint...)

  • Permissions in Teams and SharePoint

  • Flows

  • PowerApps

  • Forms

  • InfoPath (Not so much these days as this has now been replaced with PowerApps and Flow)

  • Training (Maybe this should be at the top of your list.  No training then your users will struggle and not be open to change!)

During fact finding sessions and learning about a client's business processes, often this leads to business transformation and better more efficient ways of working. Not just for the business, but also for the end users. Some changes do not necessarily involve the use of technology.  Any change has to be people centric. 


SharePoint Plannning
SharePoint training user engagement


Office 365 online, SharePoint, Teams are not just plug and play! No matter what the marketing might lead you to believe. It is important to plan the structure of your environment and to know what it is your business needs, so that those needs can be met the correct way.





Any SharePoint or Office 365 Online project must include a good Governance plan / policy.  Easy to say, not so easy to enforce!  Creating a policy document is a good start.  It must be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is still meeting the needs of the business.

User Engagement


Office 365 online, Teams, SharePoint and all the new features could mean a big change for users and the way that they currently work.  It is important to make sure that users are moved along and engaged with the project over the life cycle of the project. Happy users will make acceptance of change less problematic. Organisations invest a lot of time and money in new technology, but that can be wasted if users do not use it!


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